Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Of Delicate Pieces COVER reveal!


1. I haven't had this baby yet. (My fingers are swollen. Please excuse typos.) Send positive vibes. And chocolate.

2. It's less than a month until release day for OF DELICATE PIECES!!

3. And today the cover is featured over at YA Book Central!! Imagine me like this (except with big, fat fingers:)

Check out the fabulous cover by clicking here! And enter to win some free swag!!

4. Of Delicate Pieces is available for pre order on Amazon, B&N, and Booksamillion!

5. Stay tuned during the next few days to learn about release day contests and prizes!

Love, hugs, and pumpkins (including the one in my belly)

A :)


  1. What a wonderful cover! Will they all have blue accents? Now I am waiting for the baby reveal! Hugs to you, Amy. *blows kisses*

    1. You are so wonderful :) I hope they do keep the blue going!! Baby should be here next week! Just in time for a hurricane! <3

    2. Yikes! She will have an exciting story to tell her grandkids. Keep us posted on Twitter. <3

  2. What font are you using for this blog? I love it and want to steal it. :)