Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Of Breakable Things blog tour is still going! Go to any of the following sites to enter to win FREE books or GIFT CARDS.

First off, I'm still LMAO about this wonderful little meme created by @marewulf

Notable stops on the tour:

Casting at Thinking to Inking
What do Alex and Chase (and the Lasalle brothers) look like in my head? Find out at Thinking to Inking. Here's a preview:


Review by Painted Words: 

"...single best book I've read in 2014." 

"I loved all aspects of this story…. Everything. I’m not really sure what to compare this book too, it a one of a kind type of read and one that is surely worth your while. Its beautiful and captivating and yes there might be some tear shedding but nothing to serious."

Review by The Bookish Outsider:

"Ms. Rolland's writing really is quite beautiful, it's not often I find myself highlighting passages but I certainly did in Of Breakable Things."

"The level of detail was incredible, the spirit world, the rules they have to follow and Eidolon itself were so real in their description you could almost be there yourself. For a debut author that is some fantastic world-building and I can't wait to read more of Ms. Rolland's work."

Review by Savings in Seconds:

"In the spirit of Harry Potter, (Of Breakable Things) creates a fascinating world that’s so well-described that it’s easy to envision."

"You’ll understand my surprise when I found out that this is Rolland’s debut novel. It certainly hints of even greater things to come."

Be sure to follow the rest of the tour! Go to Chapter by Chapter for the full list. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Annapolis Book Festival

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Annapolis Book Festival at the Key School in Annapolis. The event was amazingly wonderful, but all of this is new to me so of course I was nervous. I worried I'd get lost finding the campus and the right building, but some of my favorite gymnasts attend the school and were waiting to help guide people (I had no idea). Seeing their beautiful faces made my day, and they even popped in to visit my panel.

(my gymnasts and their friends)

My panel included Diana Peterfreund and Cheryl Klam, who are as enjoyable as they are talented, and I was honored to be in their company.

(Geri Cvetic, my dear friend and media specialist at Chesapeake High School)

The school campus is fabulous, and my sons had the best time running the races, visiting the activity centers and climbing on the playgrounds. 

(even Batman showed up)

Monday, April 7, 2014


For the full list of tour stops, CLICK HERE.

To CELEBRATE, I'm kicking off the tour with an Of Breakable Things GIVEAWAY. 

Six winners!


(1) Grand Prize: Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Prize packs

(1) Custom "Breakable is Beautiful" bracelet, button, bookmark

(2) $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards with buttons and bookmarks

(2) Signed Of Breakable Things paperback, button, and bookmark

How to enter:

1. Take a screen shot of your pre-order page. Make sure no personal information is showing. Post it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Be sure to LINK ME so I see it. Your name will be entered in the drawing.

2. Students: If I've visited your school, come to a signing or event with your #OBT button.  Write your name on an entry form. (Events listed here).

Contest ends on May 23rd