Monday, November 18, 2013

CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!! (test run)

So, I've been a very negligent blogger recently. I could chalk it up to editing deadlines, but really it's life getting in the way. Between moving houses, a broken foot, the fall season, and the looming holidays, I'm lucky if I remember to bathe my children.

Juuuust kidding.

Kind of.

Anyway, with the holidays approaching who doesn't love having some extra cash to spend? How about a gift card giveaway (and I'll encourage you to save a bit of that cash to buy a copy of OBT in April yeah right)

Below are the fabulous little buttons I am giving away to promote Of Breakable Things. These are really for the new year, but I figure we might as well conduct a test run! December marks the FOUR month mark before the release of OBT, and four is my lucky number. I'm visiting some schools during the next few weeks, and so the contest rules are as follows:

Your fabulous name will be entered to win a gift card on DECEMBER 15th if you share a picture of yourself (or others... animals count and are actually encouraged) wearing the OBT button


1. Twitter
2. Instagram
3. Facebook

And if you wear the button during a YouTube video, you're entered twice. Just be sure to link me, so I can enter your name.

If I am not visiting your school or if you've seen me recently and haven't gotten a button, email me at, and I'm happy to send one to you.

Also, hold on to the those buttons. You'll need them come release day.

Happy Monday!