Friday, December 5, 2014

DECEMBER GIVEAWAY: win a gift card!!!

In Of Breakable Things, the world is what the dead make it. The spirited experience their own sights, smells, and sounds based on how they are feeling or what they remember from their lives. I was recently inspired by a reader who sent me an email about what her autumn would look like in the afterlife. (It was pretty cool, I have to say...)

So December giveaway:

Up for grabs is an Amazon gift card!

Explain what your December would look like in the afterworld. If you could manipulate the world in any way you could, what would it look like?

On any social media, fill in the blank:

In my afterworld, ________________________.

Ex) "In my afterworld, snow would rise from the ground instead of falling from the sky" or "In my afterworld, cold wind would sound like caroling."

Tag me in your response on

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Or email it to me:

Drawing will be on December 20th.

Good luck and...

Have the time of your afterlife.