Wednesday, April 1, 2015

YA Scavenger Hunt Starts TOMORROW!!

It's time again for the YA Scavenger Hunt and several chances to win (an entire team full of) books!!

It begins TOMORROW!

How to play?? 

Pick a team (cough. Team Red). Pick any author on that team (ahem). Go to their blog. They will have fun content from another team author like deleted scenes or bonus material. There will also be a number. Write that down. At the bottom of the blog post there will be a link to the next blog. Visit each blog in the group and write down the numbers for each team member, add them up, and then go here: Entry Page.

You can only have one entry per team, BUT you can play all teams (all colors) for more chances to win books! 

I am

Happy Hunting!!! See you tomorrow!!!