Sunday, November 2, 2014


The Day of the Dead

In Of Breakable Things, The Day of the Dead or All Souls Day is an (after)worldwide celebration. It marks the end of their haunting. Festivals include illusions, dancers, games, singing, partying, and a masquerade. In a world of the mental, a costume can be made of flames, orbiting planets, smoke, 
rain, clouds, bones. If you can dream it, you can live it.

Thank you to everyone who entered the sBOOKtacular giveaway. Names were randomly selected through RC. Each winner will select prizes from the list until all of them are gone!

If a book isn't still on the page, someone else has already claimed it!


1. K. Smythe
2. A. Sienkil
3. M. Walton
4. Holly Bryan
5. P. Mandigo
6. S. Skylark
7. A. Jowens
8. Guadalupe B
9. Robby M.
10. Michelle L.
11. Precy Larkins
12. J. Christenson
13. Ash Darkmore
14. Tia
15. Reanna

CONGRATULATIONS! Book selections are first come, first served. You get to pick TWO!!! (full list of prizes link is above the Joker)

Email me at to choose your prizes or DM me on Twitter @amyrolland!!

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