Friday, June 14, 2013

YA Valentines Cover Reveal (part one)

2013 is halfway over, which means exciting times for 2014's debut authors! If you haven't already checked out the fun over at the YA Valentines clubhouse, you're missing out on GIVEAWAYS (yes, free stuff!!!), interviews, cupid's arrows, poems, videos, and cover reveals.

*record screeches to a stop*

Yes, that was cover reveals... plural.

It is my pleasure... show you

...the amazing new cover for the lovely Sara B. Larson's debut novel, DEFY! (You can get your hands on an actual copy this January!!)

Here's a bit about DEFY:

In the novel, the fiercest member of a prince's elite guard is actually a girl disguised as a boy, who gets embroiled in a deadly game of thrones while keeping her secret, and realizes she has far deeper feelings for the prince than she thought.

I know. Amazing, right??? And so, without further ado...

*Drum roll please*

Isn't it gorgeous???

So excited! Come on '14!

Check out DEFY on Goodreads!


  1. Oh goodness, that's gorgeous!! Reminds me of Graceling. Love the rose on the hilt.

    1. Graceling! Exactly what I said!!! In lieu of the similarities, if you head over to, you can win a copy of Graceling and Shadow and Bone!!!

      Thanks for commenting, my love!!!

  2. Oh yeah...It's a very strong statement and then soft at the top with the! Looks like it'll be a good read! :D

    1. I'm so excited for this one- a little TWELFTH NIGHT, a little SHADOW AND BONE... fights, princes, love, kick-ass female protag... can't wait!!!

  3. VERY nice! I was just going to say, I love the rose at the top of the sword (or the "hilt" as Riley so eloquently stated--sheesh, what a smarty pants that girl is! ;)

  4. LOVE the cover and the premise sounds like my kind of read! I'm adding it to my TBR pile immediately!

  5. It's such a stoic cover. I feel empowered just looking at it!