Tuesday, March 5, 2013

YA Valentines

Confessions of a bookaholic: My prediction is that in 2014, I will need to file for bankruptcy. The cause? The ridiculously insane amount of money I will spend on the new titles being released.

To cope, I can turn my worrisome head in the direction of some embarrassing dares, interviews, book chats, and other shenanigans involving bookishly nerdy love. I'm talking about this hilarious, little group of debut writers: the YA Valentines!

2014... 2/14... all sorts of adorable. Head over to check out the website, and if you're feeling especially vicious this morning, shoot a "cupid's arrow".  You want to know what that is??? Click on the link!
Spoiler Alert: There are already two arrows posted, and they involve singing, mermaids, rapping, and cookies. No, I didn't make that up.

There have also been some totally fab interviews, so if you haven't already clicked out of my lame little blog to check it out, do it now!

Oh, but just in case you're still here :) Today, there's a cover rave involving yours truly!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Your book cover is gorgeous! Our first Valentine cover reveal. We're growing up so fast *tear*

  2. Haha, thanks Phil!! Can't wait to see what they come up with for THE BREAK-UP ARTIST!!