Wednesday, April 10, 2013


What I learned from Read Across America at CHS...



-Kids will do anything to get out of class. This includes wearing a giant Clifford costume.


-There are amazing teenagers out there, ones who volunteer to write articles, who participate in book clubs even though it's "social suicide"(their words, not mine) and who spend their afternoons making goodie bags for presenters.

-Many teens prefer to read (and write) Fan Fiction. Especially because it's free.

-So many teenagers enjoy writing, but they are afraid to share it. They create personas on writing websites like Wattpad and FanFiction.

-People ridicule Twilight while secretly wearing their Team Edward shirts under their clothes.

-Storytellers steal the spotlight. I suppose animation is in their job description, however.
(The amazing Ming Diaz painting faces in between storytelling performances)

-Horror is in.

-Teens love free stuff! (Who doesn't??)

(Students with their Month9Books swag)

-When participating in a panel at a school, include students. They offer fresh and honest opinions.

-I'm out of shape when it comes to adding an entire school day to my life. Exhausting.
-Meeting other authors is so refreshing. Much love for Brigid Kemmerer. She rocked her presentation. (And she was smart enough to bring candy for the kids...)
-School still begins way too early in the morning.
-I will always miss teaching.
-And finally: Media Specialists deserve higher salaries. (Shout out to Geri Cvetic at Chesapeake High School. She's the real deal. Those kids are incredibly lucky to have her.)

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  1. First time I saw this touching tribute to learning from Read Across America. Amy is a big hit with my students and has been volunteering several times a year for the past 6 years. She was the person who started the panel session at our event and it is t now my favorite. It is always a high level and very lively discussion. Thank you Amy for all you do for kids through your visits, your books and your inspiration. You are the best!